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Emma and The Ledge are sixth-generation Montana sisters who are making a name of their own in the regional music scene. Despite their youthful age, this duo's musical talent far exceeds their years.

Emma is a soulful powerhouse with a voice and range that is both inspiring and moving.  Artfully crafting lyrics to the band’s independent feel and sound, her music is expressive, visual and meaningful.  Abby (“The Ledge”) has a unique ability for sculpting the perfect sound through her intricate guitar effects and patterns in every composition.  Together, they skillfully create a sound that is luminous and atmospheric, yet energizing enough to send an audience to their feet.

In addition to writing and performing original songs, they offer an eclectic mix of covers. Their music is not limited to one genre: blues, alternative, rock, folk and independent styles are woven together utilizing a mix of acoustic and electric guitars.

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